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Life Insurance

I spoke with one of my clients a couple of week’s ago and unfortunately, the young lady had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and she is only in her 20’s.

The client bought some life insurance off me a couple of years ago and wanted to know where she stood with regards to her being ill and off work. The young lady has been off work now for a couple of months, her sick pay has run out and unfortunately at the time of our discussions, she had decided not to take out critical illness cover or income protection cover as she and her partner didn’t have the budget.

Unfortunately, they are now in the position where her income has stopped, which would have been replaced by income protection, had they taken it out. Furthermore, one thing that I hadn’t thought about, is that they have had to travel from Cheshire to The Christie for treatment and their travel costs alone have added up to £500 in one month. This a significant amount of money which they didn’t expect to pay, on top of the other bills that need to be accounted for without her income.

I would therefore highly recommend, that anyone either renting a house or who has a mortgage, should consider taking out either a critical illness or income protection policy. I am happy to have a chat if you feel you may want to consider this type of cover.

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